Best Casinos in Greece


Casinos play an integral role in the nightlife that is available all over Greece. Indeed, the Greeks themselves are more than fond of indulging in some gambling, so if you are in the country checking out the sights and sounds, then heading on over to a casino at some point should also appear on your ‘to do’ list. So welcome and read all about the Greece online casino.

The Best Cities and Islands for Gambling in Greece

Greece does have a number of casinos to choose from. However, if you are looking for the biggest and best casino, then we recommend that you head on over to the island of Rhodes. Here, you will find all of the various casino games that you would expect. This includes slot games, table games, even video poker is generally available.

Of course, if you head to Athens, then you will also discover that there are a number of options available to you. Here, there are several to grab your attention, but then if you do prefer staying on the islands then, aside from Rhodes, you will also have options at the likes of Corfu and Syros. In fact, there should be a casino option available to you whenever you are close to a major city in Greece. It seems to be the Greek way to have different nightlife options on every corner, including casinos.

You will find that the casinos in Greece as well as the mobile and online casions are open seven days a week and well into the early hours of the morning. In fact, there are several that will be open 24 hours a day and they will have their own restaurant to help you refuel before you then head back to the tables of slot games in order to see if your luck has improved. With those hours, who would need a mobile casino?

The Laws of Gambling in Greece

You should also be aware that the laws surrounding gambling in Greece may be different to what you are used to at home. When it comes to a mobile or online casino Greece has taken steps to ban it, but there are a number of real-life casinos for you to check out. You should know that you will need to be at least 23 years old in order to get to the gaming tables and they will check that this is the case.

Everything is more tightly regulated than in other countries, but that doesn’t mean you should then just turn up and hope for the best. Instead, there are still several things you can do via your mobile in order to become more familiar with the games before you head on over in person.

How to Prepare for Casinos

What we recommend is using free mobile or social casinos to then be able to begin to understand how the different games really work. One such example is the Facebook Casino Slotmania on your mobile. This will allow you to play slot games for free and to become accustomed to how it all works. You will then find it significantly easier to handle the real casino when you get there. Remember that this is the best option when you consider that with an online casino Greece as a country has decided that it’s better if they don’t allow them to exist.

Gambling and going to casinos in Greece is certainly something that you should try out. With ample opportunities available, even just heading on over there one night will then provide you with an experience that will hopefully prove to be positive in nature.