The Best Greek Islands To Visit

What are the best places when talking about the Greek islands? That’s the question that always comes to mind when it is decided to opt for Greece for the holidays. The fact that they are so many, so varied and so attractive makes the choice really hard, but the best Greece travel guide is here to simplify your decision. Each island has its appeal and it is better to ask what kind of vacation we want to choose from among all the Greek islands. For example, are we looking for peace and quiet, party and atmosphere, history and culture, deserted or animated beaches? Obviously the flight connections will sometimes determine your vacation, but we leave you some useful tips about which are the best.

The best Greek island for its beaches

It is possible to disagree that the island has the best beaches, with Sandy paradises such as Myrtos Beach in Cephalonia, Elafonisi, Falassarna in Crete, or Porto Katsikire in Lefkada, spread throughout the Greek island geography, but Zakynthos, the Ionian island deserves to be highlighted by its cliffs and white sandy beaches.

The best islands to know Greek history and culture

Delos and Crete are considered as the two highly recommended options for a vacation where the visit to archaeological sites is the main reason. In Delos was born Apollo, according to Greek mythology, and Unesco listed it as a World Heritage Site for its rich remains of Hellenic civilization. Close to Mykonos, the best Greece travel guide offers you to visit Delos as one of the destinations and excursions to be made if we want to soak up the history of the ancient Mediterranean. Crete, with the Palace of Knossos and the archaeological site of Festos among others are undoubtedly the historical alternative.

The best gastronomy in the Greek islands

Greece is also well-known for its traditional gastronomy, but the quality of Crete’s products and its local gastronomy contribute to making it the best island for lovers of cuisine. Fish and meat make up the base of the most delicious dishes found both in restaurants and taverns, and in the B&Bs that take care of this aspect as an important factor for tourism. When talking about food, we cannot leave the taste of wines aside. One of the best places known for wines is Cephalonia, which is the favorite island for winemakers and broth experts. Its local production is considered one of the best in Greece, and if we add that its beaches are wonderful, it is normal that it is one of the favorite destinations for vacation to the Greek islands. Tourism has changed the way of life of the Greek islands, and traditions are often lost. However, the island of Karpathos is one of those that maintains the authentic essence. Between Rhodes and Crete, Karpathos offers good beaches, contact with the locals and have a different vacation while enjoying your best time.

The best hotels in the Greek islands

Luxury, dream villas and overflowing pools overlooking the sea. Surely you have seen these postcards when looking for pictures of the Greek islands, and that is that Mykonos is the perfect island where to find some of the best hotels. The reputation of its luxury accommodation – which, based on the rustic style of the typical island houses, has adapted to the most demanding luxuries – is palpated with boutique hotels that dazzle you. The debate is broad, but what is the island with the best views? For many Santorini it is the Greek island with better panoramic views, and without a doubt the number of postcards on its sunsets, the caldera stage, typical houses and clean alleys are good arguments.

The most romantic and quite islands

Ideal for couples, newlyweds and honeymoon breaks, the island of Symi is one of the most romantic, with colorful houses and chic shops offering an unforgettable port stamp. Many beaches are only accessible with boats, which makes us feel like we almost own a piece of sand. If we are looking for alternative tourism, away from the masses and in a dazzling landscape, the island of Skyros is the refuge for people seeking tranquility and yoga sessions at dawn. Painters, singers and writers come to inspire and cleanse themselves of urban pollution. Those who have already visited other Greek islands and seek peace and relaxation, which you will hardly find in Santorini or Mykonos, choose islands such as Koufonissia. Formed by two islands, Ano Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi, separated by just 200 meters, this island of the Cyclades has no roads and people move on foot or by bicycle which means a quiet and totally disconnected environment, where there are more fishing boats than residents. And the best island for families is definitely Corfu.

The best island for gays and lesbians

Mykonos takes credit or fame for its tolerant and festive atmosphere but the island of Lesbos, from which the term coined by Sappho derives, is very popular in the homo environment. Good restaurants, beaches and resorts attract this group that finds a fascinating atmosphere. If you are a party animal, Kos, Corfu, Rhodes and Mykonos are the islands where the party doesn’t stop.