The Top Tourist Attractions in Greece

The best Greece Travel Guide is concerned with publishing and promoting in the tourism field. Its main aim is to promote Greece as a vacation destination and to provide tourist with enough information so that they can have their best time.
There are so many things to see on a vacation to Greece. Mainland Greece and Greece of the islands, it is essential to discover both sides of the country.

Ancient Greece

By going through the country, by tracing cities and villages, the best Greece travel guide can be your book of history. The Gods of Olympus seem to still protect Greece and its inhabitants, lovers of their country. Athens, is a must-see, especially for all history geeks and archeology lovers, the archaeological sites of the Peloponnese, the mountains forming the reliefs of the North, Thessaloniki and Macedonia and Thrace. The archaeological sites, remains of ancient times are scattered throughout the Greek territory both on the mainland and on the islands located nearby. Several world-famous monuments and historic sites, which are one of the best places worth visiting, are concentrated in the city of Athens: The Parthenon, the Acropolis, The Wind Tower, the theatre of Dionysus, the Theseion. You should definitely visit museums such as the Museum of the Acropolis, the Byzantine Museum or the Benaki Museum in order to complete your discovering.

And what about the Greek islands, which stretch from the Adriatic to the whole of the Aegean?
The ideal vacation would leave you the best time to discover the different Greek archipelagos, the Cyclades of course, but also the Sporades, the Dodecanese, the Ionian islands. Greek tourism is, of course, marked by interest in the architectural and cultural wonders inherited from antiquity, a period when Hellenic civilization shone throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.

Here you have some useful tips where to go in Greece

During the day, tourists discover the typical local attractions and at nightfall, the best places to party, music and dance until the wee hours.
The Cycladic archipelago is not spared by the wind in summer, which makes the lovers of outdoors recreation, including kitesurfing and windsurfing happy. On the most touristic islands, such as Mykonos, you can also indulge yourself by renting a jet ski and doing water skiing, or wakeboarding for the bravest.

Around Athens, some excursions tips offered by the best Greece travel guide are worth the detour, the Cape Sounion or the island of Aegina for example. In the Peloponnese do not miss to visit Sparta, Nafplio, Corinth canal, Olympia, Kalamata. Further north, as one goes deeper into continental Greece, the theatre of Epidaure, Delphi, the meteors, these monasteries perched on impressive rock masses and even Ioannina, beautiful city located in the west of the country, are all exciting stops.

Central Greece is located in the center of mainland Greece. It is one of the most mountainous areas in the country. It is crossed by the Pinde mountains with the highest point, Mount Smolikas in Epirus, which is one of the highest peaks in Greece. It is an extraordinary destination offering diverse landscapes with impressive natural beauties. Arahova, a mountain village with houses on the banks of the Parnassos, a Byzantine monastery of Ossios Loukas.

Greece is an easily accessible destination, many flights, low cost in particular, connect France to Athens. But there are also other Greek destinations such as Thessaloniki, Crete, Santorini and Mykonos. With a little time in front of you, a nice way to reach Greece is to get off the Italian coast and board a ferry to the Ionian islands or Patras, before sinking into the Peloponnese: a vacation that can be done by car.

Best places in Greece

Visiting the best places, results with having the best time. You will undoubtedly be amazed by your stay on this land and you will certainly be able to go there again and the best Greece travel guide will always be available in order to find a new hidden side of this wonderful country and have the best time ever. Here are some of the most visited tourist vacation destinations in Greece:

  • The island of Delos – a place blessed by the Gods
  • The ruins of Delphi – history of the Greek city of Delphi
  • The Temple of Zeus – historical portrait of the temple of the city of Athens
  • The tower of the winds – Roman building of the city of Athens
  • The ruins of Sparta
  • The Parthenon – monument built on the highest point of the Acropolis of Athens
  • Mykonos – a city with an extraordinary and festive nightlife
  • Paradise Beach – a beach located in the town of Mykonos bringing together dance lovers by regularly offering festive evenings where youth gather